Green Building

MJR Homes is a believer in green building and energy efficient design.  Each and every home is inspected by a third party to assure it meets strict design standards.  Homes are then given a HERS score, which is a national standard to measure how efficient a home is.  Live Green is one of our energy efficient partners, along with being part of the HERO program for Duke/Progress Energy.

Our standards and specifications vary according to each home, but include items such as sealed crawl spaces, foam insulation, Low E windows, and Energy Star Appliances.  Most homes get a Blower Door and Duct Leakage test (a method of insuring that the home is tightly constructed with no draftiness).  In addition, buyers are provided a certification by Live Green or other providers that ensures the home has been inspected and meets rigorous specifications.  Homes receive a “HERS” score, which is a measure of efficiency as compared to a home built to 2006 code requirements.  Many of our homes have HERS ratings in the 50’s and 60’s, which means the home uses about 40-50% less energy than an equivalent home built to 2006 codes.

Learn more about Live Green Certifications and HERS scores by following these links:

HERS Index

How HERS Index is calculated